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Enterprise Applications

As a global leader in business cloud software specialized by industry. Infor develops complete solutions for its focus industries, including industrial manufacturing, distribution, healthcare, food & beverage, automotive, aerospace & defense, hospitality, and high tech. Infor’s mission-critical enterprise applications and services are designed to deliver sustainable operational advantages with security and faster time to value. Over 60,000 organizations in more than 175 countries rely on Infor’s 17,500 employees to help them achieve their business goals.

For further information, visit: www.infor.com


Dynatrace is a Software Intelligence Platform that's purpose-built for the enterprise cloud. They offer software intelligence platform to allow customers to modernize and automate IT operations, develop and release high quality software faster, and improve user experiences for better business outcomes. Dynatrace is an all-in-one platform that's purpose-built for a wide range of use cases.

  • Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Applications and Microservices
  • Application Security
  • Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM)
  • Business Analytics
  • Cloud Automation

For further information, visit: www.dynatrace.com

Automation Anywhere, Inc. operates as a robotic process automation company. The Company provides cloud automation platform delivering intelligent RPA solutions across all industries to automate end-to-end business processes for the fastest path to enterprise transformation. Automation Anywhere serves customers worldwide. Automation software is more than just a set of "automation tools" to make your business processes go fast. There are numerous obvious and immediate benefits to automation, whether you're using basic automation, intelligent automation or anywhere in between. It's an obvious "next step" in the need for the digital transformation of business.

  • Helps you maintain compliance
  • Improved accuracy and quality
  • Reduces cost
  • Improved customer experience

For further information, visit: www.automationanywhere.com

Veritas Technologies LLC provides software solutions. The Company designs and develops enterprise data management software solutions that helps organizations to protect their mission-critical data, as well as offers cloud data management, data protection, compliance readiness, and storage optimization services. Veritas Technologies serves customers worldwide. Veritas is uniquely equipped to help organizations of all sizes conquer the complexity of managing and protecting their business-critical data. Through our integrated product portfolio, we provide a unified data management experience that delivers unmatched performance and versatility—edge to core to cloud.


For further information, visit: www.veritas.com

Credence Logistics Limited operates as a logistic company. The Company is a leader in total logistics and supply chain solutions by inventing cost efficient, time bound logistics solutions and providing world-class services to bring customer delight. Credence Security delivers best-in-class, Cybersecurity & Forensics technologies and solutions that protect organizations against advanced persistent threats, malicious adversaries and internal malpractice. With the growing sophistication of threats today, we recognize that leading technologies alone cannot safeguard an organization. Organizations need to ensure that they assess risk, comply with the latest security regulations and foster a ‘security-first’ culture while keeping up with the ever-changing digital trends in our field.

For further information, visit: www.credencesecurity.com


KnowBe4, Inc. provides software security solutions. The Company develops security awareness platform which enables organizations to assess, monitor, and minimize the ongoing cybersecurity threat of social engineering attacks. KnowBe4 serves customers worldwide. KnowBe4 is helping tens of thousands of IT pros like you to improve their network security in fields like finance, energy, healthcare, government, insurance and many more. They help you enable your employees to make smarter security decisions, every day. We know you need to show ROI, and we help you deliver a data-driven IT security defense plan that starts with the most likely “successful” threats within your organization – your employees.

For further information, visit: www.knowbe4.com


Oracle Software, Systems, and on-premises applications are designed to solve the most challenging business needs of organizations of all sizes and industries. Oracle Corporation supplies software for enterprise information management. The Company offers databases and relational servers, application development and decision support tools, and enterprise business applications. Oracle's software runs on network computers, personal digital assistants, set-top devices, PCs, workstations, minicomputers, mainframes, and massively parallel computers.

For further information, visit: www.oracle.com


Convene is the multi-awarded board portal and management software designed to lessen costs and allow board administrators to quickly prepare for meetings, while empowering directors to collaborate remotely. It enables digital board meetings between board of directors. It also facilitates secured environment for sharing confidential documents and information and enables them to exercise governance and decision-making responsibilities despite working in remote workplaces.

Convene provides directors and administrators with the necessary communication and collaboration tools that simplify board pack preparation and document sharing, among many other board meeting-related tasks. It is designed to elevate transparency, practice corporate compliance, and work efficiency, a board portal software collapses the entire board meeting process removing the need for grueling tasks like printing documents, sending emails manually, and physically compiling annotations.


Innovative is one of the best global leading company for providing library solutions. Virtua is offered by innovative interface Inc. Virtua is an Integrated Library Management System. Virtua has some main modules that are Cataloging, Acquisitions, Circulations, Serials. This system is very easy to manage all the functions in the library, Multimedia cataloging enabled, Large global and local user group and fully documented. In Pakistan Synergy Computers provide all the services of installation and maintenance of Virtua. Overall Virtua has been installed in 178 libraries but in Pakistan there are Six libraries where Virtua has been Installed by Synergy Computers Pvt ltd.