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Credence Security Ltd distributes cyber and information technology security solutions that protect organizations against advanced persistent threats, malicious adversaries, and internal malpractice. The company’s solutions include business recovery, security awareness, advance protection, breach protection, data protection, digital forensics, incident response, mobile security, security analytics, fraud detection, vendor risk management, unified critical communication, and biometric security.


KnowBe4 is the world’s largest security awareness training and simulated phishing platform that helps you manage the ongoing problem of social engineering. The Company provides a platform for security awareness training, enterprise, customer awareness programs, and other related modules, as well as offers security, domain spoof tests, weak password, and training tools. KnowBe4 serves customers worldwide.


Utimaco is a worldwide supplier of professional cybersecurity solutions and is based in Aachen, Germany. Since 1983, Utimaco has been developing hardware-based, high-security appliances (Hardware Security Modules) and compliance solutions for telecommunication provider regulations (lawful interception and data retention). Today, Utimaco is a world-market leader in both segments. Customers and partners of Utimaco in all parts of the world trust the company’s long-term, proven reliability and investment protection, as well as its many certified IT security standards. Utimaco stands for recognized product quality, user-friendly software, excellent support and trusted high security—made in Germany.